Mountain summer in the hideaway on the mountain.

Stunning natural scenery. Refreshing spring water. Mountain streams. Lakes. Alpine roses, mountain herbs and wildflowers. Incredible treasures of nature. On the doorstep.

Hiking, fishing, biking. Sunny days in the forest bath. Yoga in the mountains. Arlen Magic Trail and the Green Ring. Greener than green. Activation for the body.

Philosophize. Jazz and classical music. Literature at its finest. Art and culture. Food for the mind.

Mountains. Vastness and landscape. Warm days and cool nights. Inhale and exhale. Energy.

Full equipment, of course. As always. Only more summery. Without sweating*
Summer freshness in the best sense of the word.

From July 23rd to October 1st.

We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer (3 nights minimum).

*sauna not available