The way

At the top. At the very top in Oberlech. „Schlössle“.
The locals say: „UF’M SCHLOSS.“ (Loosely translated: “At the castle.”)
Arrive at 1.750 meters above sea level. Welcome to the mountain.

„Schlössle” is a sunny settlement that bears witness to the mountain blessing. “Schlössle” in the local dialect means, loosely translated, “a small castle”. Even though you won’t find said upon your arrival, there is an Alpine meadow that carries the same name. Historically there seems to be a possible hint of a small castle that might once stood proud. Uphill towards west an area is called “Gruaba”. It is assumed that the name goes back to the accommodation of the custodian of the “Schlössle”.

It is well known and documented that ore was mined in Lech. Emporer Maximilian I enfeoffed Ludwig von Nordholz with a mine on Tennenberg (now: Tannberg). A document dating back to 1515 is proof of it.

At 1660 Johannes Beiser lived at “uf’m Schloss” (“at the castle”). This meant that there was a stately homestead to which the name was transferred to.

Up until the 20th century this homestead was one of the highest at 1.720m above sea level at the Tannberg. Surrounded by the luscious Alpine Meadows and a natural sun trap at the very top of Oberlech.

Our ancestor were Walser and so are we. Our family dates back hundreds of years and we proudly look back onto a long standing tradition “uf’m Schloss”.

Arriving by car.

You may drive to Lech via the:
• A12 Inntal Autobahn and the Arlberg pass OR
• Arlberg Tunnel from Innsbruck OR
• A14 Rheintal Autobahn from Bregenz.
On the Flexenstraße you follow the signs to Lech via Zürs.

Attention: some navigation systems do not know the winter closure between Lech and Warth. Arriving via the Bregenzerwald and the Hochtannberg is not possible in winter.
In winter, please make sure you have the appropriate winter equipment (winter tires and chains). We are situated higher than Lech.

Once you arrived. You can park your vehicle in our garage. Within a few minutes’ walk you reach the local bus that brings you safely to and back Lech.

Arrival by train.

Langen am Arlberg or St. Anton am Arlberg are two possible train stops. At the door step of the small train stations are regular bus connections and taxi transfers to Lech. The trip takes around 15-20 minutes.

Arrival by plane.

The nearest airports are Altenrhein/CH (100 km), Innsbruck/AT (120 km), Friedrichshafen/D (130 km), Memmingen/D (180 km) with good bus and train connections to Lech or Langen am Arlberg or St.Anton am Arlberg. Zürich Airport (200 km) can be reached in two hours and Munich (300 km) in three hours. You can travel comfortably from Zürich Airport to Lech with the Arlbergexpress –